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De Goede Jaarling Champ of the Champs!

And last but not least "De Bels" & "De 646 Duif" produced: "De Goede Jaarling". He was as a yearling the 2nd National Ace Yearling and won in 1985 the 1st prize National from Chateauroux 650 kms against 8139 birds with 10 minutes ahead!!! He has been the best breeder I ever owned. Why?? Because his offspring wins National races into 7 generations.

"De Goede Jaarling" champ of the champs! He won 1st Nationalaal Chateauroux with 18 minutes ahead of nr. 2. His offspring wins 1st prizes in Nationals into 7 generations!!!! 

Race results of NL82-448368 "De Goede Jaarling":

Chateauroux Nat. 650km 8139d 1e
Etampes 475km 1489d 1e
Dourdan 470km   974d 1e
Bapaume 300km 3907d 5e
Wuustwezel 100km 4736d 9e
Dourdan 470km 1796d 9e
Strombeek 160km 4792d 15e
St. Ghislain 220km 6001d 17e
Orleans 540km 1506d 19e
Soissons 330km 2539d 20e
Noyon 330km 4367d 20e
Etampes Nat. 475km 10374d 21e
Duffel 135km 5075d 30e
Bapaume 300km 4206d 33e
Compiegne 360km 2655d 40e
Pont St Max. 375km 1805d 48e
Etampes 475km 1990d 48e
St. Ghislain 220km 4491d 51e
Zundert 100km 5614d 58e
Compiegne 360km 2034d 59e
Zundert 100km 9022d 64e
St. Ghislain 220km 3477d 69e
Dourdan Nat. 470km 6470d 70e
Dourdan Nat. 470km 8565d 70e
Orleans Nat. 540km 7988d 79e
Dourdan Nat. 470km 14420d 84e

 The super breeding eye of "De Goede Jaarling".

These results could have been easily a lot better if "De Goede Jaarling" would have been a better trapper! He could have won around 15 firsts in above mentioned competition! That would have made him the undefeted worldchampion and it would have been very hard not to sell him. I think "De Goede Jaarling" his bad habit was my luck, because as a breeder he immediately showed his fantastic passing on power with every hen he was mated to.

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