Foundation breeder De 776 Duif

A few chapters back I wrote about "De Compiegne". Years ago I was able to lent a direct daughter of the famous "Merckx" of Staf van Reet of Belgium. Piet de Weerd described him in those days as nr.1 in the world of sprint. His "Merckx" won numerous firsts and his daughter I put on "De Baard" a son of my Janssen based miracle pair "De 411" x "De 309". Out of this mating came "De 776 Duif" a little blue tickle eyed hen.

"De 776 Duif" starbeeder

On the widowhoodloft she was mated to "De Goede Jaarling" and out of this mating came "De Bonte Jaarling" also a superbreeder who I'll describe lateron. Then "De 776 Duif" was lent out for a couple of years to a good friend and when she came back she was mated to "Klaas" (full brother to "De Goede Jaarling") and together they bred:


"De Tornado"

St. Ghislain Prov. 8061d 1e
Minderhout 2383d 3e
St. Ghislain 2302d 9e
St. Ghislain Prov. 9440d 10e
Wuustwezel 3969d 27e
Orleans Prov. 12178d 45e
Compiegne 1065d 46e
Pont St. Maxcence 1589d 56e
St. Ghislain 2820d 70e

As a youngster 10th Regional Ace. In 1992 father of the 1st Regional Ace "De Blauwe Draaier", the father of another superbird "De Kleine Grijze" 6th Nat. Ace Dayraces 1996 and classified 9 times in the first 100 on a national dayrace!

"De 103 Duif" (nestsister of "De Tornado"):

St. Ghislain Prov. 8061d 2e
Orleans Prov. 12178d 7e
Peronne Prov. 22276d 18e

And she bred: "De Blauwe Barones":

Strombeek Prov. 4678d 1e
Orleans Prov. 4844d 5e
Orleans National 13759d 30e

And: "De Poema":

St Ghislain 3286d 3e
St Ghislain 5998d 11e
Roye 8581d 12e
Chateauroux 5157d 14e
Duffel 3005d 41e

and he bred "De Grijze Poema" winner vof Orleans Prov 3190/1th & National 10744/9th.

"De Sproet":

Compiegne Prov. 6427d 10e
Chantilly 1636d 29e
Peronne 2642d 51e
Strombeek 1775d 60e
St. Ghislain 1109d 71e
Creil 973d 89e

Was Yearling Ace pigeon winning 13 out of 13 races! With a Houben hen he gives "De 757 hen" winning 9/9 as a youngster and was 5th Regional Ace '91. And with a Tournier hen:

"De Witte Prinses":

Pont Prov. 7659d 2e (after a loftmate)
Pont Prov. 20948d 6e
Roye 1747d 6e
Roye 9968d 11e

She is the mother of "De Grijze Poema" also a provincial winner from Orleans 3190 birds.

"Catherine". She bred with "De Grote Zwarte (son of "Het Boerke" x  daughter of "De Donkere Supercrack") the 1st Prov. Roye of 7700 birds; "Naomi" mother of winners and "Mandy" mother of the best regional youngster '96; 1st regional St. Ghislain 3000 birds and a provincial winner of 7600 birds.

"De Bonte Jaarling" see his own chapter lateron.

His full brother "Voyager Yearling" who became with another daughter of "De Donkere Supercrack" the father of "Jessica". Her full brother won: Bourges National 7359/3rd; Orleans Prov 3021/ 11th and Orleans National 10474/56th.

"Turbo's Lady" when mated to "Turbo Twin II". And She became the mother of a cock to be one of the future foundation breeders: "De Fijnen" (His father was a son of "De 05 Van Erp" x "De 646 Duif", the mother of "De Goede Jaarling").  His race results were:

He won:

Etampes 1989d 3e
Orleans 1321d 16e
Strombeek 2306d 38e
Minderhout 1871d 40e
Duffel 2152d 50e
Orleans 1607d 53e
Strombeek 4645d 60e
Orleans National 23546d 79e

To inbreed the line of "De 776 Duif", "De Fijnen" was mated to "Jessica" and another fabulous breeding pair was formed!  They produced "Magic Orleans"  

He was in 1993 the fastest birds flying on the Orleans National over more than 500 kms out of a flock of 54.000 birds!!! He won:

Chantilly Prov 3065d 1e
Orleans Prov 4711d 1e
Orleans Prov 2193d 1e
Orleans National 7671d 2e

"Magic Orleans"

And his children are pure winners also: "Marissa", "De Witkop" etc. "Judith" a fantastic racer:

Pont 2434d 2e
Roye 1753d 5e
Roye 2198d 9e
Pont 7430d 11e
Orleans 1395d 16e
Roye 5157d 18e
Orleans 4711d 22e
Roye 7709d 23e
Roye 31861d 58e
Orleans Nat. 20509d 123e

She is the mother of the 1st Prov. Orleans 1994 and 8th in the National.

The best breeding hen of Willem de Bruijn of Reeuwijk best dutch fancier of the year 1997 too comes out of this pair. She bred for him the 1st National Ace 1997 and several more winners!!!!!!!

Now back to the best daughter of "De 776 Duif":

"Yearlings Blue Lady".

"Yearlings Blue Lady". You probably will have understood that she is the daughter also of "De Goede Jaarling" . With 3 different cocks she is breeding winners already, but the best results she gives with "De Zwarte Baron":

"De Jonge Baron": 1e National Etampes 1996 against 11946 birds!!!!! Plus:

Roye 2728d 25e
Strombeek 4239d 6e
Strombeek 6183d 7e
Montlucon 1303d 22e

"Orleans Star" (nestsister of "De Jonge Baron):

Orleans 1853d 1e
St Ghislain Prov. 6751d 1e
Minderhout 6350d 7e

"De Rik":

Roye 1897d 8e
Roye 1797d 8e
Roye 5801d 10e
Roye 6602d 14e
St Ghislain 3591d 35e
Duffel 3301d 38e
Duffel 6760d 60e

and to preserve the line mated to "Patricia" daughter of "De Fijnen" x "Jessica" he bred

"De Blauwe Rik":

Strombeek 5788d 1e
Houdeng 5218d 10e
Valenciennes 4859d 12e
Houdeng 2478d 17e