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Part 11

General balance

This is the last of the listed, for me, important characteristics. I have consciously save this for the last. And precisely because a harmonious, well built and balanced body alone doesn't yet promote a pigeon to a good flyer. But when it lacks, it more or less blocks the blossoming of the general quality. We need pigeons with a body built without body weight. When we hold them in the hand, we actually don't feel anything but feathers and power; no body weight. With this type of pigeon, we only hear a pleasant rustling of the wings when they fly from the ground to the upper ledge in their breeding compartment, but never heavy wing beats which mean too much effort to get up.

"Orleans Lady" won in 1989 with 10 minutes ahead the 1th prize National Orleans in het section for Vonk Bros. in Nigtevecht Holland. Her mother was a direct daughter of the miracle pair "Het Boerke" and "De 150 Duif". Her father was a pure Meulemans and 6th National Ace Overall of Holland 1986. "Orleans Lady" produced just like her ancesters winners over generations!

Of course a pigeon with a too heavy body weight tires quicker because she must constantly carry this ballast and with a high energy consumption. These pigeons may be valuable on short races or on races with a tail wind. They are also frequently mentioned in the result list of marathon races which are open for several days. But on races requiring a hard fight for the prizes, where the last reserves must be called upon, they are of course very much at a disadvantage against their opponents who don't have to drag ballast around. It is at this time that the balance in the body shows it value and must be appreciated.

Steven van Breemen

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