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Dear Visitor,

First I would like to welcome you as a visitor to the Release Manual.

The Release Manual will teach you about every possible weather type racing pigeons can meet on their way back after the release towards their loft and its influence on the navigation system of our birds.

For the set-up of these pages I have been inspired by a man whom not many of you will know: Hubert Land. Hubert originates from Dublin (Ireland) and has had racing pigeons for almost his entire life. From Ireland he emigrated in 1973 to Canada where he is racing pigeons in the Ontario region. Since the time I have met Hubert through the internet, I must admit to you all I have a lot of respect for the knowledge he gathered on The Secret Of Pigeon Navigation. He has dedicated all his free time in doing research on the orientation ability of racing pigeons. And this lifelong experience has been for me the starting push to set up this site. I do hope you will learn as much from him as he allowed me since the time we have met.

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