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10. Fog

In case of a low fog, the one caused by dew forming, then there are no big problems for the pigeons as long as they can fly above it and watch the sun. In case of normal fog the pigeons must be held inside the transporter till the moment the fog has cleared up totally. Fog does the same things as clouds do: it blocks totally the natural element the pigeons need to navigate. Smog or pollution during warm summer days without wind and exhaustion gasses in country parts close to many highways with lots of traffic all do exactly the same. As soon as pigeons have experienced them, they will try to prevent these area's. Pigeons also will avoid, during summertime, also large waterlakes and light sandy beaches. Water and sand will reflect sunlight. Especially youngbirds get very stressed of this and stay away as far as possible of this phenomena. Every year this happens in the part of Holland around Het Veluwemeer. This long lake with its white sandy beaches is situated right in the line of flight of several northern combines. What happens each year with the pigeons that are almost home in that area, is that they are stressed a lot and then are taken with them by big passing groups of pigeons going up north. Then fly much too far and because of being tired they cannot get home anymore. The solution for this area was found in late afternoon releases. At that time the acivity of the sun was less and there were no passing groups of pigeons to the north anymore. On the sites below fog and sight is to be seen and is regularly updated.

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