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6. Rain

Rain or precipitation can be beneficial or disasterous for pigeon racing. Rain is a necessary part of life as we know it. It serves many purposes. We will deal with its effects on our racing pigeons. Light rain can help the pigeons on very warm sunny days by keeping them cool while they are flying.

Heavy rain on any type of day may drive the pigeons down and force them to sit out the rain storm. It is during these conditions they become "Water Logged". Their feathers get wet, heavy and are unable to function as they were meant to. When the birds are forced down they risk colliding with objects causing injury or damage that may prevent the birds from completing their journey home. They also may fall victim to predators. When the rain ends the birds then have to dry off sufficiently enough to get airbourne again. The speed at which the pigeon can dry off is dependent on the condition the bird was in when the bird was entered into the race. Birds in good condition will withstand rain better than birds which are in poor condition. If the race liberator or controller has sufficient knowledge about the weather forecasts that are available prior to liberation the correct decisions with regards to liberation can be made. Line of flight forecasts now provide in detail areas where rain is most likely to occur. Decisions to release pigeons based on a forecast for one specific region are no longer necessary. The satellite images you find here on this site will help you to do it right.

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