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3. The navigation system in general

Condition or form in the racing pigeon is brought on by the fancier. This is necessary if we want them to return without problems of a race. If we want to basket pigeons for a race we must be satisified that they are fit and capable. They are athletes that use many different ways to find their way back home. Especially youngbirds must learn to orientate in order to choose the right direction after every release right away. Very important here is to give them as many different training tosses in all kinds of directions as possible. At the same time we add physical condition, a basic requirement for a succesfull return. Every fancier knows that an unhealthy bird or one not perfectly prepared will not navigate well and will arrive always late or never again. To basket healthy and well prepared pigeons for a race is the task of the fancier. In any case of doubt he should not basket any pigeon that is not ready to race. A racing pigeon in good condition can hold for 10 hours a topspeed of 70-80 kms per hour and even a speed of 60-70 kms per hour during 12 hours for a race of 700 to 800 kms is possible without negative effects. When it is a tailwind the pigeon is higher up in the sky and lower in case of a headwind. This of course effects the speed. However not every pigeon is capable of doing this because they miss the right characteristics to do that well. But a pigeon in good condition, well prepared and motivated can achieve great things. This too is the weekly task of every pigeon fancier. The transportation of racing pigeons to the releasepoint causes all birds a certain amount of stress. Before releasing racing pigeons they must have get rid of this stress in order to navigate well. To make this possible at all we advise a standstill of 1 hour for every 100 kms of driving. One hour before the release the doors of the truck are opened totally so the pigeons can start to navigate already before the release in order to make a perfect departure possible. All this is explained in this manual. Specific explanation about the navigation system itself will be published in a later stadium.

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