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18. A last word

If the race controllers are familiar with the indicators of a bad race and act accordingly pigeon racing should improve tremendously. Mistakes can and will occur but if every effort is made in the interest of the pigeons it can only be for the betterment of the sport.

Once the birds are released it is too late to do anything to alter the outcome of the race. The very important decisions that are made by the race controllers and liberators are the decisions that can change the future of the sport. The negative press which follows every smash race is not needed at this time. It only serves the interest of those who are opposed to pigeon racing.

We hope that this release manual will be accepted and used by those involved in the sport of pigeon racing throughout the world. We believe the manual will be a valuable contribution to the sport and guide it well into the next millennium.

We wish you many pleasant hours reading, studying and using it. For those who love pigeons and carry the sport in their heart this manual has been written.

Yours in the sport,

Hubert Land and Steven van Breemen.

Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole, in part, in any form or medium, without the express written permission of Steven van Breemen and Hubert Land, is strictly forbidden.

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