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Part 14

The pressure test

The pressure test and the respiration control of pigeons are among the criteria for the evaluation of qualities with pigeons. The pressure test is carried out as follows: we hold the pigeon in one hand and with the thumb and the middle finger of the other we gently and evenly press on the back and on the breastbone. When a pigeon in doing so nervously circles her head and opens her beak, she belongs in no way to the strong pigeons and not even in the case where they look big and robust. The organism of such pigeons doesn't function as it should. Their weight load capacity is inadequate. She can be excused when she just quickly opens the beak under a light pressure, but it is no doubt best when a pigeon behaves as if she did not notice it at all. But I repeat, the pressure must be gentle. Pigeons who immediately open their beak, usually show an enlarged windpipe. When we open the beak the windpipe is visible in its entirely and is round of form instead of quiet and oval.

"Magic Orleans" won within 1 year three Provincial races with minutes ahead. He is the son of "Fijnen" and "Jessica" an inbred mating on "De 776 Duif" which means concentrating the old Janssen bloodlines of "De 08 Duif" such as: "De Oude Merckx", De Oude Witoger" and "De Geeloger". The miracle breeding hen to produce 1th National Ace young 1997 of Mr. Willem de Bruijn of Reeuwijk is a direct daughter of "Fijnen" and "Jessica". Champions buy off Champions!

I must add that too fat pigeons or pigeons who need to lay, also react negatively to the pressure test and of course the latter cannot help that. When they have laid their eggs, they react normal again. And regarding fat pigeons; class pigeons almost never become fat, not even when they have feed available to them all day long.

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