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De Bels x De 646 Duif a fantastic foundation pair

The grandfather of "De Bels" was "De Ballon" of Georges Veys. "De Ballon" was a super racer. His full brother won at the loft of Opsomer & De Merlier of Maarke-Kerkum in 1964 the 1st prize International from Barcelona against 8217 birds with an hour ahead of nr. 2.

"De Ballon" of Georges Veys.

With the history of "De Ballon" goes a remarkable story. One evening very late when the pigeons were expected from St. Vincent Georges Veys catched (before his dog could) in his garden during a thunderstorm a soaked wet pigeon. This pigeon in great need was the world famous "Kapoen '60" of Valere De Smet-Matthijs. Because the bird had two race rubbers Georges knew it was flying the important St. Vincent race. When it had dried up, the weather and the bird, close to nightfall the bird was launched into the sky to win a few kilometers further at Valere's loft the National. It was the only day bird! Only 5 minutes later Georges was phoned because of the on the ring attached message. He was offered a great sum of money as a reward, but he refused to take it. Then one evening Valere came to the house of Georges with a 4 weeks old youngster in a basket. This youngster lateron became Georges supercrack "De Ballon"!!!

Results of "De Ballon":

Breteuil 385d 1e
Arras 392d 1e
Creil 450d 1e
Creil 462d 1e
Orleans 480d 1e
Chateauroux 556d 1e
Orleans 616d 1e
Chateauroux 780d 1e
Dourdan 391d 2e
Creil 490d 2e
Creil 685d 2e
Creil 392d 4e
Angouleme 502d 4e
Creil 520d 4e
Poitiers 782d 5e
Orleans 1250d 5e
Arras 280d 6e
Creil 582d 6e
Orleans 1251d 6e
Creil 399d 7e
Orleans 2160d 15e
Dourdan 316d 16e
Breteuil 321d 17e
Angouleme 422d 17e
Orleans 490d 21e
Orleans 860d 24e

Speechless aren't you.....  So "De Ballon" became in heavy inbreeding (nephew x niece over and over again on "De Klaren of '46) the grandfather of "De Bels" NL76-1691462.

The eye of "De Bels"

Results of NL78-1691462 "De Bels":
St. Ghislain 220km 3384d 3e
Strombeek 160km 4410d 6e
St. Ghislain 220km 2742d 10e
St. Ghislain 220km 6550d 11e
St. Ghislain 220km 2421d 23e
Strombeek 160km 3610d 47e
St. Quentin 300km 6464d 49e
Soignies 200km 3984d 49e
St. Ghislain 220km 2174d 50e
Compiegne 360km 3248d 58e
St. Quentin 300km 1467d 67e
St. Ghislain 220km 3296d 74e
Roosendaal 100km 4423d 84e
Duffel 135km 4020d 87e

4th National Ace Short Distance 1978.

Already on the racing loft "De Bels" was mated to "De 646 Duif". Out of this mating came:

Mr. Gerard Bus from Laren had a cock from this pair who won three successive years in a row early prizes from Barcelona 1225 kms. He too won from St. Vincent 1070 kms, Dax 1075 kms and Pau 1065 kms early.

Mr. Jan Manten from Breukelen wins with a daughter of his "Prinseske" (daughter of "De Bels" x "De 646 Duif") 3rd National Orleans against over 28.000 birds. In 1990 a brother was Ace Pigeon in great region.

At my own loft "De Apollo" wins: St. Ghislain 3322/1st; Creil 2776/2nd; Soissons 2525/4th; Dourdan 1332/8th etc. Inbred on the old 08-line, with a daughter of "De Blauwe Compiegne", "De 106 Duif". She wins as a youngster out of 7 races: St. Ghislain Prov. 8061/37th; Orleans Prov. 12178/37th; Duffel Reg. 5744/54th; Minderhout 4925/94th. She is breeding since 1990 in the lofts of Jesse Wu and his brother in Taiwan.

Mr. Klaas Visser of Oude Mirdum, the former coach of the Dutch National women ice skating team bought two youngsters off "De Bels" x "De 646 Duif". The result: two super breeders.

"Leo" son of the base pair of Klaas Visser.

The hen, "Klazien", is the mother of "Hein de Allrounder" who won the 2nd National from Creil against 8995 birds. He mated this hen with a pure Hector Desmet cock. Together they were a fantastic breeding pair giving first prize winners already into the sixth generation! My "De Kapoen '86" is direct off this pair and bred with three different hens winners in great competition.

His best son "De Bonte Kapoen" was 9th Provincial Ace Young and as a two year old he won the 1st Regional Etampes against 1500 birds. He was transferred lateron to Mr. Simon Lin of Taiwan.

The cock, "Klaas", came in 1989 back to my loft. With the daughter of "De Compiegne", "De 776 Duif", he bred the 1st and 2nd winner in a Provincial Race from St. Ghislain. Both youngsters won in a strong headwind with 4 minutes ahead against over 8000 birds in the race!

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