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The Janssen's came, saw and conquered

"De 08 Duif", the halfsister of the famous "10" with his 7 firsts in big competition and 65 early prizes without missing his prize on one single race(!) of the late Jan van Erp of Hilversum, was sole responsible for a line on my loft that is extremely successful over 15(!) generations now.

The eye of "De 08 Duif"

Several years after her introduction I decided to form a separate line in my loft on this famous breeding hen. Fifteen of her direct children won a 1st prize in great region with thousands of birds competing. Should'nt you have done the very same?

On the total auction after the death of Jan van Erp I bought his famous racer "De Compiegne" who won four times 2nd in big region:

"De Compiegne" of Jan van Erp

Results of NL79-1082475 "De Compiegne":
Zundert 100km 5347b 2nd
Zundert 100km 3568b 2nd
Compiegne 360km 3125b 2nd
Compiegne 360km 1442b 2nd
St. Ghislain 220km 3573b 15th
St. Ghislain 220km 3363b 16th
Compiegne 360km 2291b 17th
St. Ghislain 220km 4817b 20th
St. Ghislain 220km 7146b 27th
St. Ghislain 220km 9218b 46th
St. Ghislain 220km 6727b 50th
Zundert 100km 5715b 78th

He won his prizes each time after my supercrack's "De 312", "De 411" or "De 420" and that should tell enough about his qualities on the races.

"De Blauwe Compiegne" foundation cock of Vonk Bros

The cock of the famous breeding pair of the Vonk Brothers of Nigtevecht is a direct inbred son of "De Compiegne" when mated to "De 309 Duif", a direct daughter of "De Crack 32" x "De 08 Duif". So very inbred on the Janssen base.  "De 309 Duif" won: Strombeek 4335/2nd; Soignies 2699/7th, Roosendaal 4249/13th etc. She could have scored a lot better, but she was a notorious trapper.

"Magic Favoriet" from the Vonk miracle pair.

In 1984 I mated at Vonk Brothers loft "De Van Den Bosch cock" with a hen direct from Meulemans. They were responsible for the 1st Provincial Ace and the 6th National Ace Overall '86.  In 1985 I mated "De Blauwe Compiegne" with a full sister of the 1st Provincial Ace '86. The result was a super breeding pair that made Vonk Brothers in 1990 2nd Overall Semi-National NABvP Champions in the races from 470-900 kms in a competition of 25.000 fanciers. They too had the 1st Ace bird, a cock direct from "De Blauwe Compiegne".

"De Witpen Compiegne Vonk" 1st Nat Etampes & Semi-National Ace Pigeon father of  "De Kleinen" 1e Nationaal Orleans.

The 6th National Ace was mated against a daughter of the miracle pair "Het Boerke" x "De 150 Duif". This pair became the parents of the 1st National Orleans 1989 in Section V against over 8000 birds! Lateron this miracle hen came over to my loft for breeding.

1th National Orleans of Gebrs. Vonk

From this very same line, son of "De Blauwe Compiegne" gives NL94-1092546 "De Kleinen" the 1998 1st National winner of Orleans 13.500 birds with 8 mins. ahead on my own loft.

"De Kleinen" 1th National Orleans 13.500 birds and fastest of 50.000 birds

Some years later the father of "De Compiegne", "De 05" came to my loft for a short period. "De 05" was bred by Jan van Erp on my advice out of the foundation cock "De 583" with his own daughter "De 08 Duif"! "De 05" is father of lots of superior champion racers e.g. "Mister Orleans" who won 3 years in a row within the first 10 prizes National from Orleans against plm. 15.000 birds.

"De Fijnen"super breeder!!

I mated "De 05" against the mother of "De Goede Jaarling", "De 646 Duif" (bred from "De 411" x "De 309" both direct children of "De 08 Duif"!!) in order to try to maintain the old Janssen-08 line. The result of this higly inbred combination was "De Lichte Jaarling", father of the foundation breeder "De Fijnen", father of "Magic Orleans" (triple provincial winner within one year!) and the grandfather of Willem de Bruijn's best breeding hen, mother of the 1st National Ace Overal 1997!

"Magic Orleans" 3 times Provincial winner within 1 year !!!

These Janssen birds can stand easily strong inbreeding and therefore they are the best for crossbreeding. Especially at my loft with the De Smet-Matthijs pigeons this combination gave superbirds! Knowing this other fanciers tried this combination too and each time with great successes!

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