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De Bonte Jaarling from the old 08 Janssen foundation

The first hen "De Goede Jaarling" was mated to on the racing loft was "De 776 Duif" (please don't underestimate the role this hen played on my breeding loft!). She was the daughter of "De Compiegne" an inbred cock on my Janssen foundation hen "The 08 Duif", when mated to "The Baard van Reet hen" bred out of a son of the golden pair "De 411" x "De 309 Duif" (both directly bred out of "The 08 Duif") when mated against a daughter of the worldfamous "Merckx" of Staf van Reet. When you remember that the mother of  "De Goede Jaarling", "De 646 Duif" was bred the same way, it was clear from the start that the youngsters from this mating would be perfectly for breeding. Late in 1986 "De Bonte Jaarling" was born and he stayed al his years in box 38 in the breeding section.

De Bonte Jaarling

Late 1987 he was mated for the first time. I had borrowed a pure Janssen hen from Mr. Bert Bouwman of Amersfoort who possesed in those years a loft full of direct Janssens. We decided to split the eggs and so I got "De Merckx". In 1989 he was mated in close relationship with "Het Fijn Geschelpt", the daughter of "De 646 Duif" with a Tournier cock (halfsister to "De Goede Jaarling").

Het Ooievaartje 1th National Ace Young WHZB 1987

That Tournier cock also was the mother of the 1st National Ace Young of Holland 1987 on my loft. From this combination I bred in 1989 three hens: "the 134", "the 135" and "the 235" winning 7th, 9th and 12th Ace as a youngster in my association/combine. These three hens were sold to Thailand and after being very successful over there (1st National Ace pigeon & Carwinner) lateron the whole basic pair was sold for a fortune to south-east Asia as well.


I kept one son "De Jonge Merckx" that became the father of "Carel" a provincial winner of over 6000 birds. Plus father of the 4th National Bourges 1997; also 2nd best youngster regional 1996. The full sister of "De Jonge Merckx" was provincial winner of Pont Ste Maxence against 7659 birds.

In 1988 he was mated for against "De Helmstedt duivin", a hen I bought from Heynen & Son from Gronsveld after she won 1th National Helmstedt, 50th National Orleans and 44th Provincial Moulins. The first year this mating proved to be very succesfull. They became the parents of "De Gehamerde" who won the 1st Ace Title in the region as a youngster with:

Roosendaal 1723d 4e
Chimay 1609d 3e
St. Quentin 1556d 2e
Soissons 1412d 10e

and his nestbrother "Ajax" who won:

Creil 1682dc5e
St. Ghislain Prov. 9440d 8e
Orleans 1342d 9e
St Ghislain 1286d 12e
Strombeek 2306d 26e
Pont 1651d 26e
Cambrai 3969d 31
Orleans National 28542d 134e

"Het Asgrauw"

In the passing-on this mating was not so successful. Except in the National Orleans 1997 winner from Mr. Jan Witteveen of Hilversum we find "Ajax"(son of "De Gehamerde" x "Het Asgrauw", out of "De Goede Jaarling") represented in the pedigree. And one pigeon I may not forget to mention:

"Magic Whiteflight" won:

Orleans National 7671d 3e
Bourges National 6319d 7e
Strombeek 2470d 12e
St Ghislain 3299d 13e
Montlucon 1510d 13e
Strombeek 4619d 13e

"Dunja" (when paired to an inbred Janssen from Jan van Erp: "Het Eitje") is a fantastic breeding hen. With "Magic Orleans" she bred several winners and when mated to a son of "De Goede Jaarling" she bred "Estelle" and her sister who made me 1st Champion NABvP in 1996.

And I may not forget to mention "Dunja's" full sister "Tosca" the grandmother of the 1st National Altona "Arne" in Denmark. She won Minderhout 5799/4th; Cambrai 2558/7th; Orleans 2501/25th; Duffel 3301/36th.

After a few matings that were not quite so successful in 1993 "De Bonte Jaarling" was mated to "De Bourges duivin".

"De Bourges duivin"

This hen I choose as a latebred in the loft of Daems & Son from Bevel (Belgium). She happened to be the full sister of his "Bourgesman" winner of the following National toppositions from Bourges against 7000-39.000 birds in the race: 1st, 2nd, 8th, 17th in 4 successive years! These are the kind of bloodlines I like to import into my family. When the old hen of "De Bonte Jaarling" stopped laying eggs he was given "De Bourges duivin" as a partner. Their first youngster was only two weeks flying around the loft when he was baskened for his first training toss: NL93-2353516. In the beginning this young grizzle cock had some difficulties to get home but in the end of his first year he scored some good positions. The next year as a yearling he immediately scored toppositions one after another and by the end of the year he got an invitation to take part in the Dutch Racing Team for the Utrecht Olympiad. There his prizelist was the best of all Yearlings of the whole wide world!!!

Results of NL93-2353516 "Magic Olympic Grizzle":

Bourges Nat 610 km 6319d 1e
Orleans Nat 533 km 5540d 3e
Etampes 475 km 672d 3e
Valenciennes 240 km 3947d 4e
Chateauroux N. 650 km 5009d 8e
Orleans 533 km 2542d 11e
St. Ghislain 220 km 4265d 16e
St. Ghislain 220 km 2944d 17e
Strombeek 160 km 4619d 43e
Orleans 533 km 4711d 43e

was his Olympic score and good enough to be: 5th Allround Olympic Champion!!!

In the National Ace pigeon competitions he scored:

2nd National Ace Pigeon Overall 1994.
2nd National Ace Pigeon Dayraces 1994.

But this miraculous breedingpair brought more Aces:

"De Witkop": 2nd National Bourges and 4th National Orleans.  "De Wittentik": 5th National Chateauroux.

"De Wittentik": 5th National Chateauroux.

And it goes on with:

A daughter breeds: "De Jonge Sturen" 2e Nationaal Etampes.

A son breeds: "Arne" 1e National Altona in Denmark.

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