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The Supercrack family

When I was told that Mr. Aart Griekspoor on top of his fame was considering giving up pigeon sport in order to spent more time on his family, I bought his three foundation pairs that had brought him in the headlines of the international pigeon magazines. His best pair was "De Donkere Supercrack" x "Het Ganske".

"De Donkere Supercrack" is a son of the famous "Reims" bred and raced by Aart Griekspoor, whose children brought the wellknown De Wit Brothers of Kouderk a/d IJssel fame all over the world. 

"De Reims"
Reims 1450 d 1e
Hannut 1996 d 5e
Provins 1102 d 8e
Montargis 1178 d 11e
Montargis 634 d 35e
Reims 825 d 36e
Rethel 1890 d 38e

"Jessica" is the daughter of  "De 111 or Triple One", daughter of "De Donkere Supercrack" and "Het Ganske".

In his pedigree we notice the names of wellknown Janssen basis pigeons such as: "De Bange",  "De Stier" and "De Jonge Merckx". His mother is an inbred hen on the superracer  "De Schoorsteenveger" of Daan van der Schalk of Rotterdam who was in 1965 1th Semi-National Ace pigeon in the NABvP with 30.000 competitors. "De Donkere Supercrack" was an excellent racer. As a yearling he won 15 out of 15 and was 1th Provincial Ace pigeon.

He won:
Soissons 4417 d 4e
Soissons 3793 d 4e
Strombeek 8757 d 12e
St. Quentin 6936 d 13e
Duffel 9129 d 20e
Duffel 9678 d 21e

His son "De Jonge Supercrack" won:
Noyon 4544 d 1e
Chartres 8158 d 7e
Chantilly 4539 d 44e
Soissons 9694 d 45e
Moeskroen 10611 d 90e
Chantilly 6271 d 164e

One year later his brother "De Goede 14" won the same title with 14 out of 15 races! From Soissons he won the 1st prize against 4417 birds. The 2nd National Orleans '88 from Mr. Anders-Straathof is a grandchild of "De Donkere Supercrack". His brother is the best breeder at the lofts of De Wit Brothers in Kouderkerk aan de Rijn. 

The hen of the famous breedingpair is "Het Ganske". Her father is "De Stuntman 2000". This cock wins in 1979 a car and 1st prizes from Noyon untill Limoges. He won 18 times all the big money there was to win with the following prizes: 3x1st, 5x2nd, 4x3rd, 2x4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th etc!! "Het Tombeurke" a full brother of "Het Ganske" wins in 1981 a car too!! Mother from "Het Ganske" is "De Argenton duivin" out of "De Oude Dromer" x "Het Bontje Devos". Once mated against "De Donkere Supercrack", "Het Ganske" laid golden eggs!!

Out of this breeding pair came:

NL84-489405:  Corbeil 5312 birds: 4th.

NL84-489422:  Soissons 6872 birds: 20th; Aalst 13513 birds: 32nd; Chateauroux Provincial 1st.

NL84-489429: Corbeil Provincial 1st.

NL85-587632: Aalst 12796 birds 20th; Chartres 4011 birds 12th.

NL85-587652: Chartres 9904 birds: 1st.

NL85-587653: Soissons 11013 birds: 1st.

NL86-847732:  Moeskroen 11297 birds: 22nd; Soissons 11013 birds: 52nd.

NL89-5936110: St. Ghislain 8061 birds 54th; Orleans Prov 12178 birds: 1st, National 23546 birds 5th.

NL89-5936111: Strombeek 12630 birds: 22nd; St Ghislain 13193 birds 7th, Peronne 22276 birds 185th, Orleans Prov 12178 birds: 4th, National 23546 birds 8th, Minderhout 4925 birds 7th.

I also bought his famous breeding hen "Het Juweeltje" daughter of "De Imbrechts" direct from the famous Espoir-line from Germain Imbrechts of Bornival. Het mother is "De Mooie Blauwe" from De Smet Brothers of Semmerzake. "Het Juweeltje" wins the 1st prize from Dourdan with 4 minutes ahead plus 44th National La Souterraine against 6923 birds. Her halfbrother "De Brave Imbrechts" wins: 1-2-2-3-6-13-18-22-23-24-25 etc
The mate of "Het Juweeltje" was "De Superstar" bred from "De Oude Zwarte Verstraete" x "Het Geyterken". "De Superstar" was as a yearling 2nd Provincial Ace, won a car and scored 4x1st; 4x2nd; and 4x4th.

"De Schonen" is a grandson of the miracle pair "Superstar x Juweeltje".

Their youngsters won:

NL84-489404:  Minderhout 10098 birds: 15th; Peronne 10406 birds: 62nd.

NL84-489431:  Chartres 4225 birds: 1st; Noyon 647 birds: 1st; Creil 6480 birds: 22nd.

NL85-587627:  Haasdonk 2691 birds: 1st.

NL85-587628:  Peronne 11150 birds: 1st.

NL86-847715:  Soissons 2257 birds: 40th; Chantilly 10192 birds: 98th.

NL86-697401:  Orleans National 8000 birds: 1st.

NL89-2835421: Minderhout 3969 birds 1st.

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