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De Goede Jaarling and Het Schoon Blauw: Top Class!

"De Goede Jaarling" and "Het Schoon Blauw" a hell of a mixture responsible for National winners and Ace pigeons!!

On the total auction of Mr. Gerrit van Maasdijk of Wijchen I bought in 1986 several of his finest Janssen Arendonk based birds. Amongst those his famous foundation breeding hen "Het Schoon Blauw", a full sister of his "Olympiade" .

Results of NL76-820984
"De Olympiade":

Duffel 135 km 6975d 3e
Wernhout   90 km 6061d 3e
St. Quentin 300 km 5119d 4e
Compiegne 360 km 3764d 9e
St. Ghislain 220 km 6109d 10e
Wernhout   90 km 5984d 11e
Compiegne 360 km 2156d 13e
Compiegne 360 km 3195d 18e
Orleans 530 km 3274d 23e
Duffel 135 km 6947d 28e
St. Quentin 300 km 1660d 33e
Roosendaal   90 km 6082d 34e
Soissons 320 km 6178d 43e
Soissons 320 km 3269d 51e
Compiegne 360 km 4199d 77e
Sittard 150 km 6062d 89e

Results of NL83-306887 "De Turbo Twin I" 3r Nat Ace Young '83:

St. Ghislain 220 km 2806d 2e
Soissons 320 km 3401d 3e
Duffel 135 km 7067d 4e
St. Ghislain 220 km 5136d 4e
Compiegne 360 km 2334d 5e
Strombeek 160 km 3591d 7e
Compiegne 360 km 4047d 10e
Chantilly 390 km 2168d 10e
Strombeek 160 km 6960d 19e

and "De Turbo Twin II" (1th Ace Long Distance '85).
Results of NL84-441615 "De Turbo Twin II":

Duffel 135 km 2742d 3e
Chateauroux 650 km 2480d 6e
Bapaume 300 km 6260d 22e
Ruffec 780 km 1756d 66e
Orleans 530 km 3063d 147e

This line of excellent Janssen's posseses an enormous physical strength and vitality. Not many Janssen's are so allround like these specimens out of the Turbo family. There level of performances is between 100-900 kms! The two Turbo brothers were sold to Pilunthanakul Brothers in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 1987 I bred together with superstar Jan Ouwerkerk from Lekkerkerk. He brought to me "Janneke" to breed with "De Goede Jaarling". On my loft from that combination came "Yasmine", mother of the 3rd Ace Young '89, the 1th Ace Young '90, the 2nd Prov. Orleans '91 against 4431 birds plus 9th Ace Young the same year. Her full sister "De Strik" went as a partner with "Turbo Twin I" to Thailand. They became the parents of "Miss Universe" Th90-12199 winner of the 1st National Chiangray and many more winners of big money races.

"Miss Universe" 1th National Chiangray Thailand

"Het Schoon Blauw" is next to "De 08 Duif" the very best breeding hen I ever set eyes on. The first youngster she gave me together with "De 151" was "De Turbo 17" a hen that was as a youngster 5th National Ace. Another daughter from the same combination is "De Gebroken Slag" a hen that passes on her qualities very easily and winners are reported from everywhere. The years that followed she produced with "De Goede Jaarling" a superbe family of pigeons that spread my name through racing & breeding results worldwide.

"Magic Blue Turbo": the winner of 1992 National Chateauroux (same like his father!!) against 5523 birds with 6 minutes ahead of nr.2.  His was as a youngster 7th regional Ace and as a yearling he was the best bird in the region on the long distance. He further won:

Orleans 676d 10e
Duffel 2943d 16e
Cambrai 1586d 21e
Bourges 453d 22e
Duffel 5657d 25e
Orleans 2655d 35e
Cambrai 4949d 57e

"De Bles": 12th National Orleans 28542 birds; now in Thailand were he bred the National winner from 900 kms all the way from Laos through the jungle to Bangkok.

"Het Sjaboke": 141th Orleans National 28542 birds; 17th Strombeek 1699 birds. Her daughter "De 158 Duif" won 37th Strombeek 3406 birds; 8th Prov. St. Ghislain 8061 birds; 39th Prov. Orleans 12178 birds and was sold to Taiwan. Also "Roxane" a super hen and her brother "De Bonte Kapoen" winner of 1st Etampes 1554 birds..

"Het Asgrouw": 14th Duffel 1923 birds; 37th Heverlee 1360 birds; 13th St. Ghislain 1609 birds. She is the mother of: "Magic White Flight.
Her daughter gives: 1st National Orleans '97 of Jan Witteveen of Hilversum. "Riis" at my loft in 1996 winner of 1st National Orleans 11439 birds and the fastest of the country that day of the total release of over 50.000 birds!!!!

"Champion Canon Ball":

Peronne Prov. 22276d 5e
Chantilly 1636d 8e
Duffel 1931d 12e
Creil 1973d 47e
St. Ghislain 1286d 51e
St. Ghislain 2820d 55e
Orleans 3001d 66e
Strombeek 2306d 84e

He was as a youngster 3rd Regional Ace.  

"De Klaren II":

Orleans National 12178d 11e
St. Quentin 1851d 12e
Peronne 2642d 45e
St. Ghislain 1286d 48e
Minderhout 1044d 66e
Strombeek 2306 92e

As a youngster 17th Regional Ace.

His daughter "Katinka" is a wins:

Pont St. Max 2434d 7e
Duffel 3005d 8e
Pont St. Max 7430d 16e
Roye 1753d 21e
Roye 2198d 24e
Duffel 6061d 34e
Roye 7709d 46e

She is now breeding at the lofts of Willem de Bruijn. Her sister gives in Denmark the 1st National Altona.

"The Blue Pearl", his daughter makes me 1th Champion NABvP (20.000 fanciers) 1996.

"Romario", his son "De Derby" wins the 1st Orleans Derby 1853 birds and in 1998 1st Niergnies 4400 birds.

"Susan" . She breeds: "De Vliegenvanger" 3rd Prov Ace Dayraces and winner of:

"De Vliegenvanger"
3e Prov Ace Dayrace:
Strombeek 4678d 3e
Chateauroux 621d 5e
Montlucon 728d 10e
Chateauroux 1296d 16e
Montlucont 1286 19e

And: "De Witpen Etampes" winner of :

Etampes Nationaal 15670d 1e
St Ghislain 3310d 2e (na "De Kleinen")
Montlucon Nat. 7927d 10e
Laon Prov. 6457d 38e

With other hens:

"Vanessa" (mother is "Het Boerinneke") mother of a Provincial winner.

"Fabiola" (mother is a pure Janssen hen). Her daughter gives at John Engel's loft in Denmark: 1-2-3-4 on a National Race of Hannover. All 4 came out of the same pair direct off my loft!!! Also the provincial winner from Itzehoe of Arne Porsmose Denmark.

A son is "De Stier" who won:

Roye 3286d 1e
Etampes 1554d 2e (na "De Bonte Kapoen")
Orleans 2604d 7e
Orleans 4711d 8e
Pont 4896d 13e
Etampes National 12089d 23e

"Esmeralda" (mother a granddaughter of "De Goede Jaarling") winner of 1st Prov Cambrai 5442 birds.

"Smokey Blue Lady" (mother is a daughter of "De Donkere Supercrack") she bred 1st Prov. Pont 7659 birds. She is in Thailand now. And her sister "Jantine" also a super breeding hen.

But the best son of "De Goede Jaarling" x "Het Schoon Blauw" comes finally at last:

"De Etampes 500":
Etampes FC 1664 d 1e (8 min. ahead)
Chantilly 1296 d 2e
Prov. Chantilly 4761 d 5e
Creil 1682 d 23e
National Etampes 9313 d 24e
Compiegne 1965 d 41e
Chateauroux 1386 d 47e
Strombeek 2306 d 50e
St. Ghislain 2000 d 67e
Montlucon 1470 d 85e

He breeds "De 600" 9th Nat. Ace Dayraces a gift to the Dutch National Olympic Committee and sold for a small fortune to Thailand. He won in the Nationals: 5th Etampes, 5th Bourges and 33rd Chateauroux against thousands of birds.

With "Gisele" daughter of "De Zwarte Baron" x "Yearlings Blue Lady" , "De Etampes breeds:

- 2nd National Bourges 1997 clocked in the same second as the winner and spoiling 2 minutes by flying around the loft!!!
- 10th National Orleans 1998 of 13.500 birds and of:

"De Grote Jaarling" 7th National Ace Dayraces 1996 and winner van:

Montlucon 1303 d 2e (na "De Kleine Grijze")
St Ghislain 4371 d 4e
St. Ghislain 6751 d 5e
Bourges 1639 d 6e
Duffel 4320 d 7e
Montlucon Nat 4798 d 8e
Orleans 2461 d 16e
Duffel 6289 d 21e
Bourges National 5780 d 31e
Orleans National 8543 d 49e

And already father of a winner!

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