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The red Klaren gold

My second basic line, next to the one of "De Goede Jaarling" is the one of his halfbrother "Het Boerke". The hen that was always mated to "Het Boerke", "De 150 Duif" was the full sister of the mother of "De Goede Jaarling". This fact makes that my family of birds is quite inbred. "Het Boerke" is the son of one of my old an very inbred De Smet-Matthijs foundation pairs "De Bels" x "De Rode Duivin", daughter from "De Derby"(1st Prov. Orleans) the full brother of "Het Boerke" from Georges Veys with its over 100 prizes.

"Het Boerke" foundation cock of the Boerke line

My foundation cock "Het Boerke" is heavily inbred on the world famous "Oude Klaren '46" of Valere De Smet-Matthijs of Nokere. In his pedigree you only find this precious blood and nothing else. For 10 years at a stretch "Het Boerke" has been mated to "De 150 Duif", the daughter of another worldfamous foundation pair "De 411" x "de 309 Duif", halfbrother x halfsister to my famous Janssen hen "De 08 Duif". The loft partnership Leo van Leeuwen & Hans van Grieken from Aalsmeer (8 times overall champion of the Amsterdam Provincial) own several first prize winners out of this breeding pair.

Vonk Bros from Nigtevecht has a daughter that bred them the 1st National Orleans 1989 against over 8000 birds.

Their direct offspring:

"Het Boerinneke II": mother of 1st National Orleans 1989!

"De 157 Duif":
18th National Orleans 23546 birds;
78th Provincial Peronne 22276 birds.

"Simply Red":
86th National Orleans 23546 birds;
10th St. Ghislain Prov. 8061 birds;
132nd St. Ghislain Prov. 13193 birds;
252 Prov. Strombeek 12630 birds; 7
9th Minderhout 1881 birds.

"Het Licht Boerke": father of a provincial winner.

"De Schone": 1st Prov. Compiegne and a hell of a breeder:

"De Zwarte Baron" already mentioned but not his full brother:

"De Black Magic" wins:
Orleans Prov 1889 b 1st
Chateauroux Prov 1694 b 1st
Orleans National 5540 b 2nd
Chateauroux National  5009b 3rd!!!

"The Guld Parret cock" of John Engel father of: 1,2,3,4, National Hannover;
"De Blauwe Engel" 2x1st Gluckstadt and father of my Rode Engel 1st National Bourges 9300 birds;
"De 689" mother of "John" winner of:

Skanderborg 1996 b 2nd
Abenraa 1383 b 2nd
Neumunster 763 b 2nd was here also 2nd National of 4000 b.
Vejen 1720 b 4th


"De Raket": 1st Provincial Orleans 4431 birds and Int Prov 18250/2nd. He is father of "De Jonge Raket" at Rico Koene's loft father of "Barbara" 1st Ace Young. Also great-grandfather of 2nd Nat Ace in Germany.

"Het Boerke 816":

12th Prov Dourdan 1332 b
33rd Wuustwezel 4949 b
36th Chateauroux 1239 b

"Het Boerke 817":
5th St. Ghislain 4395 b
6th Etampes 2720 b
21th Orleans 1506 b
36th Chateauroux 1239 b

"Het Boerinneke":
6th Orleans 1342 b
8th Soissons 1412 b
16th St Ghislain 1538 b
22nd Wuustwezel 1585 b
24th Heverlee 1623 b
25th St. Ghislain 2616 b
47th Heverlee 2992 b
61th Nationaal Orleans 28542 b
103e\\rd Prov. Soissons 11141 b
188e\th Duffel 1931 b
337th Prov. Wuustwezel 12766 b

She breeds:
"Vanessa" mother of a provincial winner;
"Gisele" a superbreeder. She won:

Pont 4896 b 8th
Pont 7430 b 17th
Cambrai 5482 b 42nd
Orleans 4711 b 64th
Orleans 2604 b 37th

Four of her children are top ten National winner!!!!  

"De Kleinen": 1st National Orleans 1998 5 minutes ahead against 13.500 birds!!!


"De Vooruit" of Peet Kester 5 weeks in a row 1st!!!!!! Full brother of "Magic Mealy"

"De Magic Mealy" full brother of "De Vooruit" wins:
Valenciennes 1971 b 2nd
Chateauroux 355 b 2nd
Orleans 489 b 3rd
Valenciennes 11323 b 4th
Bourges 418 b 5th
Chateauroux 5009 b 5th (Nationaal)
Orleans 7671 b 6th (Nationaal)
Chateauroux 545 b 8th
Montlucon 510 b 10th
Bourges 6319 b 11th (Nationaal)

"Magic Mealy" is 3rd National Ace Dayraces 1994.

Father of a regional winner of St. Ghislain 3000 birds & best youngster regional 1996!

"Het Voske" was put directly on the breeding loft. There she was mated to "De Autowinnaar" the 1st National Ace Overall 1983 and winner of 7 first prizes in big competition. From this mating came:
"De 197": 1st Prov. Peronne 15304 birds; 11th National Orleans 23546 birds. She was sold in a charity auction for US$ 3000 to a Japanese fancier.
"De 172": 9th National Orleans 23546 birds.
"De 196": 38th National Orleans 23546 birds.

And I may not forget to mention a super halfbrother of above bunch:
"De Grote Zwarte"(mother is a daughter of "De Donkere Supercrack"). He gives:
1st Provincial Roye 7700 birds. And "Mandy" mated with "Magic Mealy" mother of a regional winner & 1st Ace Young. She won:

Orleans 1853 b 7th
St Ghislain 4371 b 10th
Orleans Prov 3383 b 14th
St Ghislain Prov 6751 b 17th
Cambrai 3485b 34th

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