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In closing


"Het Ooievaartje 207" was in 1987 the 1st National Ace Young. Lateron she was sold to CP lofts (Mr. Dhanin) in Taiwan were millions of $ were won with her offspring. Her full brother won in 1988 the 2nd National Orleans against 28.500 birds and was sold to a Maltese fancier.

Professor Alfons Anker taught me exactly how to breed with these birds in close relationship. He knew the breeding qualities of the old De Smet-Matthijs strain like nobody else. Until a certain point I knew how to go, after that point (his sudden death in 1979) I had to go on on my own, but he advised me over and over again how to breed back the best crossbred birds into the old strain. The results of that would be astonishing for him if he would have got the time for it.

Very soon I discovered a new generation of champions of the finest crystal. You must not underestimate the role played by the superb breeding hen "De 08 Duif" (she bred with different cocks 15 first prize winners in great competition and was responsible for hundreds of winners worldwide). Especially the youngsters from "De Bels" x "De 646 Duif", "Het Boerke" x "De 150 Duif" and the offspring off "De 776 Duif"  possessed miracle breeding qualities of the good old Janssen's. They raced like world champions but what was more important: their breeding qualities. I think this will last for many years and it's my personal challenge to see to it that this comes true.

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